Food – buying food at the cafes and eateries is around 15 EUR. A meal in a sit-down restaurant with a drink is about 35 EUR. Frites (French fries), which is remarkably popular in the country, costs around 5 EUR. If you want to prepare your meals, there are some good markets throughout the city. Expect to pay around 50-70 EUR for a week’s worth of markets. The panel is a national chain serving cheap and tasty sandwiches.

Transportation – Downtown Metro tickets are approximately 4-8 EUR per tour. Driving around the country is not that too expensive as the country is small and easy to move around. Most city train tickets cost around 20 EUR for a second class ticket. Brussels to Bruges by train costs 10-15 EUR. Brussels to Antwerp by train costs 5-9 EUR. Intercity bus tickets are not costly, usually 17 EUR for most trips. Getting to and from most of the primary airports is quite simple, with buses and trains readily available it cost about 15 EUR (usually less) for a one-way ticket.

Weather- Belgium experiences comparable weather to the south of England and this is the best place to attend in spring and summer when the days are temperate, and the towns are enjoying drinks on the outdoor platforms, and in December when the Christmas markets line the cobblestones. Vacation days are long with it often staying light until 2240 and temperatures reaching 25-30°77(80-86°F), combined with occasional raining days. Heat waves are becoming more prevalent in August ending, so be sure to drink sufficient water. Winter days are always short, with darkness falling between 1800. Winds blowing from the North Pole can be striking, particularly on the coast, and can push the temperature down to -6°C (24°F); snow is fairly common in January.

Activities – Museums and recreational centers rate is between 5-10 EUR (A student card will get you discounted insertion – about 25-50% off.) City cards such as the Brussels Card or the Bruges Card will transport you into museums and attractions at a good discounted rate. You can buy cards that are excellent for 1-3 days. (It’s about 25 EUR for 24-hours.)

Social laws: Knowing which language to speak where can be complicated. Avoid speaking Dutch in Wallonia and French in Flanders. Most locals are laid back, but it can cause offense if you get it wrong in some groups. If in doubt, speak English.
Outside of business activities, it’s conventional to kiss three times on temporary cheeks. Guests should visit come along flowers, or a little gift, for the owner if they’re requested for a meal, and it is a regular to wish everyone on appetite/get snakelike at the start of a meal. The dress is similar to other Western nations: jeans and a smart top suffice for most occasions, comprising of nights outing. It is a great offense if you smoke in the venue where food is served.



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